Kasue secocndary school is certainly making the right strides in the right direction in terms of posting good results in the annual national examination- KCSE (Kenya certificate of secondary education).

Based on the current minimum university entry aggregate grade (C+) ,  every new year the school is realizing a larger number with this qualification. We at Kasue secondary are consistently embracing new modes of preparation of learners for their final examination and for life after school. The use of ICT in class lessons is nolonger mystic and the practice  of team teaching is  becoming fashionable and increasingly exciting among the teachers.

 Kasue secondary school has a district categorization but the standards of education are for sure surpassing this tag as evident in the year 2010 KCSE performance in which the school posted 5 candidates in the JAB (Joint admissions Board ) list for candidates with B plain or higher for whom the government meets part of their university education costs.

This year (2011) we aim at beating the odds and posting atleast ten candidates to the public university and all indicators point to the realization of this objective. Our current crop of candidates is a very devoted lot with very impressive level of discipline and desire to interact with teachers in academic matters. 

The KCSE examination begins on 18th October 2011. The examinations desk wishes all candidates immense grace of God in form of good health and strength of memory during the entire examination period.



  We made it again in 2011 KCSE!

  5 MORE CANDIDATES have qualified to join the public universities just like last year.

  Kudos Kasue school stakeholders. 


  UPDATE ON 06/06/2012.














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